Bon Parfumeur Mini Candle Set

$50.71 $72.72

Featuring a captivating range of scents, Bon Parfumeur's Mini Candle Set offers a stunning sensory experience that ranges from dense and spicy to bright and vegetal.

Each of the three candles features a distinctive scent: Candle 01 draws on the sweet, vegetal aromas of Basil, Fig Leaves & Mint, while Candle 02 leans into spicy atmospheric scents of Seed of Coriander, Honey & Tobacco Leaf. Completing the set, Candle 03's dense mix of Patchouli, Leather & Tonka Bean is surprisingly nuanced, making it a captivating fragrance like no other.

INCLUDES: Set of 3 candles

FRAGRANCE: Basil, Fig Leaves , Mint (01); Seed of Coriander, Honey, Tobacco Leaf (02) Patchouli, Leather Tonka Bean (03)

SIZE: 70g each

BURN TIME: Up to 15 hours each

Designed and made in France.