Maille Caline- Wool & Delicate Wash


Created specifically for knitwear and delicates, Kerzon's Maille câline Laundry Soap is made in France using natural biodegradable oils. Each wash pampers your knitwear and delicate linens with its natural coconut and olive oils. Added cotton seed extract soften fibers and rejuvenates every stitch. With its cozy scent violet and cotton scent blend, this wool conditioner is the ideal partner for keeping your favorite knitwear ready to be curled up in at a moment’s notice. Suited to machine or hand washing, Maille câline Laundry Soap is non-irritating and respectful of sensitive skin. Exclusively imported by Saison. Made in France. 500ml

- Softening and soothing formula that preserves the softness of your knitwear
- Dermatological tested
- Enriched with cotton seed extract to soften fibres
- Enables around 12 washes

100% recyclable bottle