Menu Bottle Grinder Set


Menu's Ash/Carbon Bottle Grinder is built for performance with a clear ambition to intrigue your senses. It leaves a powerful first impression due to sheer size and intensity but Menu has spiced up the grinder experience by flirting with the unconventional shape of a bottle.

The bottle-shaped grinder is stylish and highly functional: the mill sits at the top so that salt, pepper and spices are only dispensed when you grind. minimalist design.

Care instructions:
Avoid placing bottle grinders in direct sunlight. Use a soft dry cloth to clean. For stains, use a light dish-washing soap. Do not use any cleaners with chemicals or harsh abrasives. To avoid noisy grinding, make sure the grinder is properly dry before refilling.
Each set includes two bottle grinders

  • H: 20,5 cm, Ø: 8 cm
  • Plastic, and Silicone rubber
  • Wood (Beech or Walnut)
  • BPA Free