Three Piece Coffee Brewer


ZAKKIA Three Piece Coffee Brewer - Brass

This polished solid brass plate holds the ceramic coffee brewer in place over most sized mugs and pots, which means you can brew just for you, or if you have company for you and a friend!

How to use our brewer:

1. Place a paper filter in your ceramic brewer and add fresh coffee grounds (20 g of grounds = 300ml of coffee)
2. Grab your favourite mug, this clever brass plate lets you brew your coffee straight into most sized cups
3. Let your coffee bloom by pouring hot water into the center of the coffee mound then letting it sit for at least 30 seconds
4. Pour over the last of your hot water in a circular motion
5. Enjoy your fresh hot cup of coffee!
6. Clean up is easy, just wipe down the brass plate and the ceramic brewer can go straight into the dishwasher

7cm H x 10cm W x 11cm L