The story behind the brand 'Curio Practice'

We welcome the brand 'Curio Practice' to Bedouin Traders and would love to share with you, creative founder Georgie's story on how and why the brand evolved. 

CURIO is a practice in responsible knitting, partnering with ethical factories and using consciously selected Australian Merino yarns. Made in Melbourne, with love.

Georgie - I've been fascinated with knitting for as long as I can remember. As a material designer, I've spent years exploring the endless versatility of knitted textiles, both in Australia and overseas, and have relished learning and understanding the language of the knitting machine. Pushing pre-existing boundaries has always driven my work, and is vital when developing a new idea into something usable. CURIO is a practice in this approach, challenging what we've come to know and expect of the origin, growth and pace of material production. By upholding a dedication to source and make locally, we're gradually re-establishing the value in slowing down. Our goal is simple: to create the best blankets ever—heirlooms for the everyday.

Launching CURIO during Melbourne's Covid-19 lockdown last October may have seemed like an interesting time to get this project off the ground (it was). But life is full and time moves quickly, and if this pandemic has clarified anything – especially for independent design production – it's that the experiential value of creativity is not to be underestimated.

The skilled hands that bring CURIO to life are many, and I feel so lucky to be able to lend mine to this evolving project. It's a communal effort on all fronts, approached with deep love, care and respect for the materials, growers, technology, creative process, and land upon which we are privileged to create. I love what I do, and knitting with and for this community is very special. — Georgie Brunmayr, founder of CURIO.

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