Amira Bucket Hat


The Amira Bucket Hat is handwoven in Ecuador using 100% Toquilla Straw, utilising traditional, artisanal techniques. This piece combines the opulent, large bucket shape with modern pattern work and colour-theory. Designed to romanticise one's time spent in the sun, the Amira Bucket Hat delicately balances practicality and luxury. Featuring a tight crochet weave, the brim can be easily turned upward without losing shape.

Available in 3 sizes. Size can be adjusted using the adjustable internal sweatband. The hat size can be reduced by up to 2cm.

Made in Ecuador

100% Toquilla Straw

Brim: 10cm-12cm

CLEAN: Spot clean with a soft damp cloth and simply trim any small flyaway fibres that may pop up over time. Do not wash, do not bleach. Avoid getting wet. For more information about how to care for your hat visit our product care page.

We recommend storing this hat out of direct sunlight with the brim folded upward (as shown in the last product image).