Crush Me Grinder


Crush me grinders for salt and pepper are made in a simple timeless design. Each mill is made of oil-treated oak and black painted oak, and contain a high-end ceramic grinder mechanism from CrushGrind.

In the making of Crush Me, By Wirth has focused on delicious design, good functionality and no-spill function. The grinders are therefore handy to use, easy to refill, contain a large capacity for salt / pepper, and they are effective and last for many years!

The grind mechanism is adjustable and the content dispenses differently, depending on how the grinders are angled. Crush me has a flat bottom that shields steam, which prevents the content from lumping.

Size: H 14 cm x D 5.5 cm
Material: Oak
Colour: Black Oak
Quantity: 1 (sold separately)