Esteban Vanille D'or Bamboo Incense


Esteban's Vanille d'Or is an ode to vanilla, the queen of spices and well-kept Mayan treasure. When the sun rises, the hidden flower turns into a golden pod, precious and refined. On a bed of spices and fresh flowers, its warm roundness bewitches us. Vanille d’Or embodies the sensuality and delicacy of this mythical ingredient in perfumery. A slight citrus note and a subtle blend of spices awaken the fragrance at the top. At the heart, natural vanilla absolute is sublimated thanks to the richness of amber and the floral delicacy of heliotropine. Finally, the creamy facet of sandalwood and the delicacy of vanillin bring a trail to this warm vanilla. 

Hand made Vanille d'Or bamboo incense sticks are rolled with the purest natural ingredients and blended with the finest French fragrances. Each fragrant stick has an approximate burn time of 45 minutes. Made in France.