Fugazzi Angel Dust


“Isn’t it illegal to smell that good in a work meeting? Why can’t I concentrate on work when she is sitting

on the other side of the room even. I never even

looked at her this way, but this scent is addictive. It’s adventurous. She smells like red lingerie. I really need to focus on my powerpoint.”


The calming and peaceful notes of Angel Dust blend together to celebrate the introvert. This gentle but strong and silent type mystically revolves around Cashmeran; the “polite molecule” which is notorious for its intimacy and privacy. It’s for the quiet and confident one, that doesn’t need to scream to get attention, but simply attracts it. Wrapping us in solace and ease thanks to slight hints of Calabrian Bergamot, pepper cashmere and white amber crystals.

Base notes:
Cashmeran / Calabrian Bergamot / Pepper / Cashmere / White Amber Crystals