Fugazzi Saint Remy


“When I woke up that morning, I could not have wished

to meet someone as powerful as her. The way she dressed, the things she said and the power she illuminated was simply mindblowing. And her perfume? Made me understand why the French talk like that. I just wanted to call her my daddy.”

Sophistication made simple is the best way to describe Saint Rémy. Dwelling in notes of pink peppercorn, juniper berries and white Iris, this dreamy blend is for the seductive. Inviting new players to the game of thrills, every time they are graced with your presence. It’s color as unique as your character.

Top notes:
White iris / Bergamot / Pink peppercorn / Juniper berries / Ginger
Mid notes:
Iris / Magnolia / Amber / Leather
Base notes:
Cedar / Vetiver / Sandalwood / Tonka beans