Vatica Jacket


Introducing the reimagined Maxi Vatica Jacket by Estilo Emporio. Crafted from a distinct fabric combination, this duster showcases the unique Pescatore open netted weave with a subtle stripe in Leche, and features a contrast trim on the lapel, providing a tonal touch that accentuates the clean lines and relaxed silhouette of the jacket.

Draping softly down your figure, it becomes the epitome of the perfect layering piece, adding an effortless yet refined layer to your ensemble. Effortlessly style it over our Maxi Emilio Top crafted in the matching Leche fabric. This curated pairing not only harmonizes textures but also ensures a cohesive and chic ensemble that effortlessly transitions from day to night.

Linen: A Naturally Sustainable Fibre 

  • Linen has a low environmental impact, for example, it requires very little water to grow, so farmers are not required to irrigate or fertilise during this process
  • Flax typically does not require large quantities of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides
  • Very little is wasted once the plant is harvested. Other parts of the plant can be used for other purposes, such as flax seeds for consumption
  • Linen enjoys a long lifespan as it is highly durable
  • Linen is one of the most launderable materials and quality linen improves with age, even after it is cleaned repeatedly
  • Linen is fully biodegradable

This piece is one size fits all.

Care Instructions-

Cool, gentle hand wash with like colours.