Marbled Form No.2


We are excited to introduce 'Nioka Clay' to Bedouin Traders.

Kerri is an amazing ceramist, creating stunning pieces that are both beautiful and unique. Using hand built clay in this instance Kerri meticulously crafts each piece with precision and care, ensuring that every piece is unique. What sets Kerri from Nioka Clay apart is her ability to create this stunning marble effect on the " Marbled Form No.2". Blending a variety of recycled clays Kerri is able to build different clays together to create something truly mesmerising.

Whether it's a vase, bowl, jug or sculpture Nioka Clay creates pieces to be treasured forever. 

Kerri's pieces are best styled in a group together.


Hand-built clay, with a mix of fine sculptural and repurposed clays. Glazed interior, raw exterior.

H: 16cm x W:12cm 


Named after a childhood connection to the land, ‘Nioka Clay’ embodies Kerri’s roots growing up in the Adelaide Hills and her inspiration in the natural world. Driven to create through her playful and curious nature, Kerri loves to explore form and texture as she works. While completing a Diploma of Visual Arts in 2019, she was introduced to the basics of ceramics, this offered a foundation for her to build upon and encouraged her to continue learning many techniques and methods that have become unique to her practice.
Each piece Kerri creates is built slowly by hand. This process, combined with recycled and marbled clays, creates outcomes that ensure her work remains one of a kind.


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