Memories by Adam Harriden- It's quite easy to shoot pictures of people and beaches, but what's truly unique is when a picture allows time to stand still, this picture was shot on Noosa Main Beach during a typical busy Sunday morning, I wanted this picture to allow the viewer to feel like they're on the beach every time they look at it, I want them to be able to feel the sand, the wind, hear the children and the waves. The beauty of Polaroid Transfers turns a recent moment into a limitless period, this photo can't be placed into a year or time, it could be yesterday or in 1985, the technique and subject are so perfectly aligned time becomes irrelevant. I love this image, it's a personal favorite. There have been no computer adjustments to this image. There is no original anymore as the original image fades to nothing over a two to three-day period. These editions are considered the originals

110x130 Polaroid Transfer printed onto archival rag free paper, framed in Danish Natural Oak Box Frame

1/20 Edition, signed and numbered.

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