Non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic Schnapps


The Gin & Tonic schnapps (500ml / non-alcoholic) by Swedish Tonic has a clear taste of gin & tonic, elderflower and underlying tones of citrus & rhubarb. The schnapps, which is perfect for all small gatherings, come as both 38% strong and alcohol-free.

The non-alcoholic range deserves a natural and adult alternative. Everyone should have the right to sing along to the schnapps songs, regardless of whether you drink alcohol or not (or just want to moderate your alcohol intake). The non-alcoholic schnapps that has clear bitterness & acidity as well as notes from elderflower and juniper also have heat & attitude from chilli to get the classic "schnapps grated".

Ingredients: water, glycerol, agave syrup *, juice (rhubarb, lemon, lime, orange) from concentrate, citric acid, china bark (aroma: quinine), elderflower *, natural aromas, spices *preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.