Organic Hemp Scarf

Couleur Chanvre above all represents the passion for natural textiles, their elegance and their irreplaceable qualities. It also represents the obsession with preserving their beauty and their benefits by removing all the toxic products that are pervasive in the textile industry and that poison us and pollute our planet, from the production circuit.
Finally, it represents the desire to revive and pass on this irreplaceable textile expertise that has been admired for centuries but that has been sacrificed at the altar of globalisation over the last 30 years. 

This fine, soft and breathable hemp scarf with a simple finish, drapes beautifully around your neck and is made from 100% pure hemp, long combed high quality fibres.

Woven, dyed and finished in France.

0% Dye - Safe cloth guaranteed: our unique dyeing and finishing process is performed without endocrine disruptors or toxic, irritant or allergic products.

Easy care: wash at 60°, tumble dryer recommended. Do not iron. Does not shrink.
Hemp is an elegant and durable fibre which gets even more beautiful over time and with every wash.