Versaille | Noir


The Versailles in Noir by VieuX is a limited series of 100 individually numbered masterpieces, the Versailles Noir is the embodiment of opulent minimalism for the discerning eye. Each piece is an homage to the intricate majesty of the night, cradling within its design the complexity of a starlit sky. The crystal laminated detailing provides a window to the soul of the frame, where 24K gold plated, corrugated beta titanium arms unfold in splendor, reminiscent of the grandiose halls and lavish gardens of its royal namesake.

The Versailles Noir is not just eyewear; it is wearable artistry. The bold, yet understated black silhouette draws inspiration from the elegant lines and regal symmetry of the iconic palace, redefined in a contemporary noir palette. It becomes a tableau of modern sophistication, where the interplay of darkness and light is as enchanting and nuanced as the palace's own legacy of intrigue and grandeur.