Womens Sandals | Natural


The Womens Sandal in Natural by Verdura is a stunning, sustainable and comfortable shoe. When the designer of Verdura Shoes first saw a fishing net on the beach he put his feet in and organically saw the shape of a sandal.

That same night the sandals were created. It took some time to perfect the design, but the concept is still the same.

These beautiful sandals are eco-friendly and make you feel free. Like you are walking without them.

Light, extremely comfortable, and fresh, they are perfect for the beach, but also for summer city life. The Womens Sandal is the first of Verdura’s creations and also the best seller.

This style can be worn with everything. Crafted using recycled fishing net, natural cork strap, a metal buckle hook and natural cork inner sole they are incredibly eco-friendly and sustainable.

Please note the recycled nature of the fishing nets means the colours can slightly vary.